Dream (Bird Without Wings)

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as the light slowly faded and the dark night
engulfed the land, i sit here, hand in chin, wondering,
confused, deep in thought about what it was and what might be;

as the trees swayed to the gentle lullaby of the night,
sleep was the last thing on my mind,
restless mind and sombre thoughts manifest inside me;

my life has always been a dream,
a never ending chase,
often taking me to hell and back,
a dream that at times seem like a nightmare;

as i sit here and count the scars,
these tortured thoughts scream louder and louder in my mind,
a mind filled with dreams is now just filled with chaos,
maybe out of chaos comes order?

maybe one day? but time is my enemy,
i stand at the edge and wonder, as i look down,
wishing that something could happen,
i feel like a bird without wings!

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  • I missed this site. Just remembering the last time i commented on a poem here.. can’t believe its already four years.

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