We Belong?

we belong - We Belong?

Some things, are not meant to last. Some, were robbed and some were lost. Some, were displayed and sold, and… Some remains intact like a ring of gold. Things change and so do people. Friends left, and some just stop

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Companion - Companion

I wander  on the hills And valleys deep, In bright and cold days With my flock of sheep. My sheep are few Black, gray and white They graze in green fields And I love the sight. Folks call me nerd

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Friends Today

friends today - Friends Today

Even when they meet us, they pass without a greeting; These very friends; our food had been eating. Those who were very close to us and our relations; Now, have decided to change their stations. Those for whom we bore

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Tightly Knit

I see you there in the distance far between a stretch of the unknown Im standing, waiting here for you in this haze I wont let you walk alone. The minutes are moving faster now the days continue to come

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pals - Incomplete

the grey sky looming above, rain drops still dripping down from the pregnant clouds above, we set out on our journey once again; around and around we go in slow circles, moving to the beat of the thunder and rain

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