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Echoes of Midnight Love


Imagine love as a journey through shadows and dreams, where every whisper and memory takes on a life of its own. It’s about that kind of love that stays with you, even in the darkest times. It’s fascinating how it mixes feelings of longing and affection with the mystery of the night.

Echoes of Midnight Love

In the hush of night, my love, whispers of farewell,
May your rest be haunted, in dreams‘ elusive swell.
As shadows envelop and stars flicker in disdain,
Feel the weight of longing, love’s sweet, searing pain.

Dreams twisted with shadows, where joy once danced,
In the night’s cold realm, where eerie fates are chanced.
And in that solemn waiting, under moon’s ghostly hue,
I’ll linger in the darkness, emerging not with morning’s dew.

Goodnight, my love, shut your eyes in restless sleep,
Let your fears and doubts in the silent darkness creep.
Around us, the void deepens, a world unseen, unheard,
Hear my voice, a distant echo, a barely remembered word.

In this moment of parting, as we whisper our goodnight,
Our love, a flickering candle, struggles against the night.
A path through haunting shadows, where our secrets embark,
A love that smolders in the dark, leaving an indelible mark.

Rest now, my love, in the night’s cold embrace,
My presence a shadow, in time’s unyielding chase.
For our love is a tale, not of light, but of night’s glory,
An endless, darkened saga, a bittersweet, untold story.

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