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Shadowed Hearts


In the twilight of affection, where love intertwines with the obscure, “Dark Love” emerges as a theme exploring the more enigmatic facets of passion. This poem delves into the complex interplay of light and shadow within the heart, revealing the beauty and depth found in love’s more mysterious expressions.

Shadowed Hearts

In love’s deep shadow, we find our embrace,
Where light seldom touches, our secret place.
In the dark, our passions intertwine,
A love so deep, it defies sunshine.

With every heartbeat, in night’s soft sigh,
Our love grows stronger, under the moon’s eye.
In shadows, we whisper, our vows so true,
In the dark, I find the brightest you.

Through storms and whispers of the night,
Our love endures, out of sight.
In this dark love, we find our spark,
Illuminating hearts, even in the dark.

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