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Will you be my Valentine?


In the realm of whispered affections and hopeful hearts, the question “Will you be my Valentine?” holds the power to transform moments into memories. This poem seeks to capture the anticipation and the tender vulnerability wrapped in those words, weaving a tapestry of emotions that accompany the asking of such a significant question.

Will you be my Valentine?

In the hush of twilight’s tender glow,
A question blooms, soft and slow.
Under stars that write love’s decree,
I find the courage to ask, “Will you be with me?”

Through the dance of leaves, in the whispering wind,
My heart’s silent question, on you, it’s pinned.
In this moment, where dreams might align,
I wonder, dare I ask, “Be my Valentine?”

In the melody of our shared laughter and time,
A bond has grown, pure and sublime.
With every heartbeat, with every sign,
I long to know, “Will you be my Valentine?”

So here, beneath the vast, embracing sky,
With a hopeful heart, and a breath-held sigh,
I offer you my hand, our fingers entwine,
Waiting for your words, “Yes, I’ll be your Valentine.”

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