My Addiction

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Your smile lightens my heart and soul
I find excuses only to ping you and strike a dialogue for nothing
Wish we shared some more sweet nothings

As I notice your name flashing on my mobile, my eyes sparkle and my voice sweetens more than anything
All I want is talk and listen to you about everything under sun
Wish we shared a real roof instead of a virtual space

The daily calls only to check if am doing okay, The never ending funny chat sessions, The long drives, The movies
These tiny things will remain ever embarked on my heart
Wish I had some more memories

Your words melt my heart and made me oblivious to rest of my world, for you have become my world.
Your patient persona is what draws me closer to you every day
Wish we met much earlier than before

Life seems so beautiful when you shower this selfless affection on me
Life seems worth living just for you
Wish this togetherness never ends

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