We Belong?

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Some things, are not meant to last.
Some, were robbed and some were lost.
Some, were displayed and sold, and…
Some remains intact like a ring of gold.

Things change and so do people.
Friends left, and some just stop being friends
Some just stay and hold you ’till the end, but…
Some, you can never hold on to something…forever.
So learn to let go… except my FRIENDSHIP with you!

I will forever be a friend to you, that’s true, but…
Don’t ever leave me when things go wrong.
Hold on my friend, let’s keep going and let’s stay strong
For the friendship we have started is where we belong.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)


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18 comments On We Belong?

  • elegantly written poem expressing in a beautiful manner the spirit of friendship. the simplicity of language lends the poem a languid grace that is at once appealing to the heart coaxing it to identify with the spirit. the blank rhyme further qualifies the idea of a cajoling, tender, spontaneous yet meticulously thought out feeling of great depth. a sincere tribute to true friendship in a world bent on creating enemies.

  • Huzaif- words of thanks is not enough for ur appreciation in my poem. After an argument from my best buddy. Those are the words that flashes in my mind that I have to penned it down lest it run out from my thoughts. And I’m glad that someone like u appreciates this work of art(thoughts). I wish I can paint it in canvass to express more but maybe its enough that these lines will be easily understood more.

    Thank u for ur time reading this piece of mine. Hope you read my other poem,” True Love” and the coming more poems I have submitted already.

  • Omg i thought this would mean nothing to mr but I found out that it’s my whole life of friendship….


  • Jessicaa- Thank u for coming to this page.I appreciate that u like my poem.Take care.

  • Christine- I appreciate your visit on this page and like my poem. Thank u dear.

  • this poem is awesome i loved it!!……^_^

  • Beautiful and comforting, well said.

  • This poem is very heart touching.that is somting similer happand to me also.but this a very true and beatigul wprds, god bless you dear. Sry for my english isn’t vry gd.

  • its very heart touching word,true,very very nice poems,i dont realy read poems but i dont how many time i read tht.anyway thanks very much and god bless you…

  • Mayar- thank u for the nice comments. That serves an inspiration for me to write more poems.

    Take care and God bless.


  • Siddique- Thank u for ur visit and for liking my poem.

    God bless u too and take care.


  • Angel dude!! this is AWESOME!!

    my fav lines:

    Don’t ever leave me when things go wrong.
    Hold on my friend, let’s keep going and let’s stay strong

  • im happy. thank u for helping me find true meaning in friendship.
    Take Care Angel. May god bless you


    angel,i have been reading ur poems,nd i luv em.this poem so true,true words nd heart touching.it really touches mine…very very nice.thnk yu for sharing it.keep writing nd god bless yu!!..

  • @Johnny- Im really very sorry to reply u late. I just read ur comment, dear. Anyway, there’s no use crying over spilled milk so they say. Just want to thank u for reading my poem and sharing ur thoughts. Thanx for the nice words. God bless.


  • @Plasma Burst 2- u make me smile… thanx that I have give another meaning of friendship to u. Take care and God bless too.


  • @Karmina Johnson-thank u for such an inspiring and touching lines from u. You too, have touched my heart for ur kind words. Take care and God bless always.


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