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It’s Just Like a Dream


It's Just Like a Dream

No one knows what we’ve been through,
Never thought we’d make it through,
Until we finally found each other;

You give me so much more than love,
You give me your time and your patience and our truth,
I can’t live without you;

There’s a new wind blowing,
I am breathing deeper than I ever did;

The only thing I wanna do,
I want to feel the sunshine,
Shining down on me and you,
When you put your arms around me;

Bundled together with you like a present, all under the tree
Some snowflakes falling for us, and feeling heavenly,
I’ve got you and you’ve got me,
Together we’re gonna make this night perfect;

I wanna be your lover, baby,
I’ll wrap you up in all these feels,
So give me everything and anything,
I’ll give you what you need;

I don’t need much because I’ve got you,
All I want is your love and a little more,
Beneath the tree tonight,
Starlight shining down on us,
I’ll give it to you till the world around us stops spinning;

It’s just like a dream,
Cozying up next to me on the sofa,
You are the best present I have ever had,
Cuz I’ve got you in my arms;

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