Why Me?

why me

I am exhausted walking on life’s highway,
trying to keep pace in this frantic journey
i take 10 steps forward only to be dragged 20 steps backwards,
by invisible hands that come out of nowhere.

tearing me apart from within,
i struggle to find a meaning to all this,
why me? why now? what did i do to deserve this?
injustice? perhaps. unfair? most likely.

as the lights on the horizon grow dimmer and dimmer,
my pace trickling down to a crawl
i look for a sign, i seek out assistance,
but all that i get is empty assurances;

with one last heave, i pulled myself up
and began this journey slowly, at my own pace,
towards the horizon, unmindful of the speed the world is moving at,
slowly, steadily and in the shadows where no one can see me!

Why me?

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