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a dream come true,
on the verge of achieving the pinnacle of the only summit
that i have not conquered till date,
my joy knew no bounds;

i am not a speaker,
nor i express my happiness
as freely as everyone else,
but then that is me;

unmoved by emotions,
that flood so many others,
i have till date resisted
the pull and the push of it
from overwhelming me;

till date, till now,
but as i now stand on what seems like a turning point,
i am shocked,
i am stunned;

as the tv blares on in the background,
my mind is just blank, nothing,
it’s as if everything has been erased with one little swipe,
standing on the last step of the pinnacle,
so sure of success was i, everything else became secondary;

work, family, friends,
and the things that were dear to me,
i brushed them all away,
as i waited in line to accept the one thing that would fulfill me;

so sure of attaining the next level,
that when i reached the stage,
i let go of my guard only to be stunned by the reality of things,
something is not right and some things i cannot control,
and for once, i am truly speechless
at the way life still plays a game of hide and seek with me;

e;- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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Rishi March 29, 2010 - 1:21 am

take heart my friend that your near and dear are still there rock solid behind u. cruel part yet but true to the fact that there is never a time that we can leave ur gaurds down. this is a mad world where anything can happen anytime. we are all there with u 🙂

The_Unknown June 23, 2010 - 7:18 pm

“so sure of success was i, everything else became secondary”

brings back memories 🙁

erie morgan March 24, 2012 - 1:39 pm

that’s a good one i really love it really i do


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