In the city

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i was born in the city
a city where dreams become a reality everyday

i was born in a modern world
with all things cool
with all things hi-tech

i was told to live the modern way
rushing all day long
running from pillar to post
in search of something
something to uplift me
rags to riches

a constant mad rush it was
life was a struggle
survival of the fittest
it was a
survival of the "intelligent" people

there i was, in the midst of these struggle
sitting in the corner
watching them fight it out
while slowly plotting my way out

from this jungle
that is so full of life
that is so rich in "gadgetry"
from this huge jungle
where one’s life depended on someone all the time

slowly trying to escape
from this mad zoo
i slowly try run away
one step at a time
away from this jungle

away from this city
where love is just another word
where emotions are nothing but a coward’s excuse
watching this mad struggle day after day
from the comfort of my corner seat
i wait for the day
to escape from it all

i was asked to getup (and go)
i was made to think
i was programmed to win

yet when
i want to be happy
and i want to live a life
in the city

i am being forced to run away
in search of happiness
in search of life
from the city
where you have everything

addon lines
yet no one knows what is to be happy
what is to be loved

in the city
where emotions
are just a figment of imagination
where people are just robots
if one goes, another one replaces it
where people are just pieces of metal


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