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I’m drowning into thoughts of my imagination
lost within a sea of roaring waves all around
filled with swimming memories shaded gray
each screaming to be heard, but not emitting sound.

I’ve landed upon an empty shore, breathless and gripping sand.
I think perhaps I’ve forgotten how to breathe
or perhaps maybe I have been suffocated by life’s callous hand.

My eyes hone in on secrets when words play a wrong tune.
They narrow just a sliver into the depths of what is true.
The sand grinds hands and knees as I push myself up
Though I have not been here, this place I already somehow knew.

My movements are awkward, unsteady is my gait.
Each step rings with uncertain sound,
C flat, B minor, but I cant sit here and wait.

The sky holds various yellow hues
with scattered streaks of red
like the many scars upon my skin
that once upon a time had bled.

In the distance I see her, the little girl I once knew
curled up and shivering in a dark corner
so hurt and uncertain of what to do.

I keep on walking, kicking sand as I go.
I don’t want to relive that memory of a long time ago.
I’ve pushed past that place, past that dark corner,
the sand flings up on her, burying her deep below.

Suddenly I’m stopped by a man so bald and fat,
his eyes whisper his shameful intentions
and suddenly my hands grip tightly a bat.

I will not let him have his way with me
I have been down this road too many times before
before I realize my own abilities, Im swinging the bat
screaming to him to get back or I will swing more.

He is but a memory of the past I abhor.
but I have beat past his constant cruelty
to a place where more kindness is in store.

The palm trees sway swiftly in a breeze of blue,
the frawns whipping wrestlessly, whispering to hurry.
But I have no fear now, these thoughts can not consume me
my balance has become steady now, therefore I have no worry.

I turn around to see the gray-blue shore
the sea has settled down to the quiet of a lullaby
but I will not sit and wait, there is a future I must explore.

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Raji Krishnan July 28, 2008 - 7:57 pm

beautiful and well crafted..

Youa^^ December 5, 2010 - 12:54 pm

I like it :]


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