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Amidst Chaos

Amidst Chaos

by anaPhenix

as the sun filters through the curtains,
the day breaks with all pomp and glory,
i will find a way through the dust and chaos,
i promise myself as i settle into the rhythm of the day;

time tickles on slowly,
as i desperately try to catch up with it,
every time i think i am done,
i am left standing all alone;

as the day progresses, thunder and rainfall
fill my heart as i struggle to grapple,
with what life is throwing at me,
one problem after another;

it’s hard, i know,
as i walk down the road,
i remember the time when we used to
dream of being stars;

this never bothered me before,
but as i try to come to terms with it,
i find it difficult to accept and adjust,
as the sun slowly settles down;

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1 comment

Anj June 26, 2019 - 5:15 pm

❤it. So heartfelt and deep!


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