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The Curse


far away in the distant horizon,
the sun slowly starts to set and makes way for the
dark, moonless night;Curse of Life

the wind gently gathers pace and starts to howl,
awakening the demons within and outside,
rousing them from their day-long slumber;

as i look in the mirror,
the pain surges through my veins,
slowly at first and then as it gathers steam,
i realize i am going insane;

my heart beats echo through the empty room,
my heavy breathing resonates through the house,
my head starts to spin as the thoughts come flooding in;

i feel i am dying, i see nothing,
i feel the end is getting closer and closer,
tears crash into the floor,
creating a puddle;

holding to every little ounce of strength,
i try to claw my way back into the world,
but the emotions invade my head,
wrapped in a blanket of darkness;

painfully i hold on,
trying to pull myself up from this curse of life,
as the dark, gloomy night gently fades away;

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