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All This Time


It felt like destiny when we first met in that quaint coffee shop. I remember everything about that day – how the light fell, the smell of coffee, and our instant connection. 

This poem captures our journey from that first electrifying moment to a deep and abiding love that has only grown with time. Here, I reminisce about our first touches, our first kiss, and your profound impact on my life, reminding me that true love endures.

All This Time

It started when we first met,
I fell in love with you at first sight,
when you walked in through the door at the coffee shop,
where we met for the first time;

I remember when we held hands for the first time,
I remember our first kiss,
I remember the first time I fell in love, head over heels,
You were so gorgeous to me,
You took my breath away;

I was so in love with you,
I couldn’t get enough of you and your love,
So much time has passed,
I just can’t believe how I still feel for you
You mean everything to me;

The love I have for you is still there,
The physical attraction for you is more strong than ever,
The longing for you, I still have for you,
After all this time, I still love you.

You made me love and you made me live,
I remember when you held me,
I remember how much you cared for me,
After all this time you are still the one;

After all this time I still need you,
No other person ever came close to you
My heart is forever yours,
No one but you could ever complete me.

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