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Unspoken Symphony


This poem is a tender ode to the unspoken depths of love shared with a girlfriend, aiming to weave the intricate emotions and shared moments into a tapestry of affection. It seeks to explore the nuances of love, the silent gestures, and the loud declarations that form the foundation of a relationship, celebrating the bond that grows stronger with each passing day.

Unspoken Symphony

In the quiet of the evening’s glow,
Your laughter, a melody, soft and low.
Underneath the stars, so bright,
In your arms, everything feels right.

With every sunrise, our love renews,
Painting our days in vibrant hues.
In each shared glance, a story told,
In your love, I find my hold.

Through whispered dreams and shared fears,
Together, we navigate through the years.
In your smile, my world, I see,
With you, I’m who I wish to be.

In this dance of life, with you, my guide,
Beside you, I take each stride.
With every heartbeat, with every breath,
Our love’s melody defies even death.

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