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Tears in the Rain


Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes, the downs can be devastating. The loss of someone dear to us can leave us feeling lost, alone, and in a world of pain. In this sad poem, I will try to capture the heartbreak of such a loss and express the emotions that come with it.

I have tried to express the pain of a loss and the emotions that come with it. But even in the midst of heartbreak, there is hope. The hope that someday, the tears will stop falling, and the rain will wash away the pain, leaving only memories of the love we once shared.

Tears in the Rain

The rain falls gently on my face,
Matching the tears that fall in its embrace.
The memories of you still linger here,
A constant reminder of what I hold dear.

The world seems so empty without you,
And everything I do just feels so blue.
I try to smile and hide the pain,
But nothing is ever quite the same.

I find myself lost in thoughts of you,
And all the things that we used to do.
I wish that I could hold you close,
And never let you go.

But time moves on and so must I,
Even if it feels like I could die.
The pain of loss is all too real,
And it’s a wound that time can’t heal.

So I’ll walk in the rain and shed my tears,
For all the love and all the fears.
I’ll hold your memory close to my heart,
And hope that someday we’ll never be apart.


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