The Fast Train

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lost somewhere unknown, The Fast Train
seems like i have been waiting here forever,
cast adrift on a troubled dream,
bubbling and bobbing in the sea of life;

making my own rules,
looking it at my way,
never believed what they said
about life, about everything;

crisscrossing through life
trying to make sense of the time
when the close ones, turned their backs on me
and walked all over my life,
it all now seemed a distant dream;

a lost soul, i once was,
counting my days and cursing my existence,
unable to ignore what my mind
kept telling me, i was dead before it could even knock,
sucking my hope dry, and
pushing me closer and closer to insanity;

there’s nothing wrong, i assured myself
just a misaligned soul trying to break free,
just like a slow burning candle inside a dark room,
hoping to spread its light to places unreachable;

the things you do, will come back to haunt you,
after all this time, as the days and months pass by
I had lost my way, I couldn’t see,
I was blind and confused, temporarily;

and then came the moment,
like a kick in the rear,
watching myself rot in the mirror,
i opened my mind and let my soul out;

breaking the (emotional) shackles that bound me,
i had been waiting for this moment, all my life
to catch the fast train,
that will take me back to life and
bring me closer to home!


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