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The Fast Train


The fast train is a poem analogy that compares the speed of modern life to a fast train. It has been used since the 19th century and can be seen as an early form of science fiction.

The poem starts with the narrator wishing they could get on the fast train and travel to places they have never been before. The narrator then says they would like to see the world, but it is too late because they are too old. They then say that if only there were a way to go back in time and live their life over again, this time making different choices so that they don’t end up in regretful situations. The poem ends with the narrator saying that it is not too late for them because there is still time for them to change their ways and get on board the fast train.

The Fast Train

lost somewhere unknown,
seems like I have been waiting here forever,
cast adrift on a troubled dream,
bubbling and bobbing in the sea of life;

making my own rules,
looking it at my way,
never believed what they said
about life, about everything;

crisscrossing through life
trying to make sense of the time
when the close ones, turned their backs on me
and walked all over my life,
it all now seemed a distant dream;

a lost soul, I once was,
counting my days and cursing my existence,
unable to ignore what my mind
kept telling me, i was dead before it could even knock,
sucking my hope dry, and
pushing me closer and closer to insanity;

there’s nothing wrong, i assured myself
just a misaligned soul trying to break free,
just like a slow burning candle inside a dark room,
hoping to spread its light to places unreachable;

the things you do, will come back to haunt you,
after all this time, as the days and months pass by
I had lost my way, I couldn’t see,
I was blind and confused, temporarily;

and then came the moment,
like a kick in the rear,
watching myself rot in the mirror,
i opened my mind and let my soul out;

breaking the (emotional) shackles that bound me,
I had been waiting for this moment, all my life
to catch the fast train,
that will take me back to life and
bring me closer to home!


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rogue August 15, 2009 - 11:16 pm

I loved it.

i luvit December 1, 2009 - 1:24 am



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