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Break Free


stuck inside inside this shell
i long to break out
away from all this mundane life
i wish to break free of this boring routine
materialistic ambitions galore
swimming against a tide (that we call life)
fast at times
slow at another
stuck once in a while
i lay buried under a sea of desires
meaningless most of the time
necessity once in a while
clueless for the rest
i wait
like a shadow in the night
like a fly around a light
like a rebel wanting to break free
i wait
i am tired
trying to make sense of this humdrum existence
life is now a high speed car race
drive fast to stay with the pack
drive slow and be left behind
its all happening too fast
living in a circus
walking a tightrope everyday
smiling to one and all
juggling everything that is thrown
another day, another act
another mindless journey
putting on a brave face
wearing a new make-up each time
On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?
Outside the day has dawned
But inside in the dark
i want to break free…
Inspiration: Couple of songs by "Queen, Green Day, Metallica, Cranberries".

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Gabby August 6, 2011 - 1:01 am

With out you

With out you I’m dying inside 
The trust is broken cuz u lied 
Sleepless nights
I always have to be in the fights 
U said u were a sweet guy
When we dress up I fix ur tie
Let’s put the make up on to cove up the hurt 
Because u yell  at night cuz I wear ur shirt
Why don’t I leave you?
Am I the dirt on the bottom of ur shoe 
When u leave the house ur missed 
When I leave ur always pissed 
When ur with ur friends your a dick
Ur like a violent tick
U say u love me then u break my heart 
I think we need time apart 
Dose every fairy tail have a happy ending?
All we’re doing is pretending…


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