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Pebbles of the sea


As the brutal sea waves crashes on to the delicate sand,
He leaves traces of tiny circles indented onto the tickly grounds,
permanently stamped.
Who could have made these circles?
It could only be the Pebbles of the sea.
Pebbles of the sea The tiny surface of hard cold stones wept across the soft,
sizzling land of golden gravel, no single life has ever touched the sea’s treasures, wonder why?

If a soul innocently puts a tiny toe on just the tip of the sea’s possessions,
the sea’s wrath would rage against the poor soul.
He would order his mighty army of gnashing tides to capture this trespasser,
and with his mighty powers he would end his enemies struggle for life by diminishing the so cold thief.

The sea has no compassion for those who dare to step on his fortunes.
He knows that his rocks are the only transitions of his life,
family, guardians of the sea.
With out them he would loose control,
his contempt of life to control his armies.
He would bring upon misery by covering the whole island,
with his powerful salt-water body.

The sea’s treasure has mesmerised many creatures,
but with his contempt of greed and desire, he has no mercy.
So why is the sea so obsessed with them?
Because the pebbles of the sea,
are the only sources of light that keep the sea alive.

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