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Lovers Embrace

by Praveen Kumar

Lovers Embrace

walking down the ocean beach,
hand in hand, sunlight glistening on the waves,
we laughed and lazed around,
like new lovers on a first date;

as we hold each other close,
all our worries drift across the ocean,
hand in hand, as we embrace each other,
our soul meets body;

as I hold you near,
my heart beats like a stereo,
last thing i remember is our bodies,
grinding to the beats of our hearts;

as your body gently touches mine,
in the dark of the night,
skin to skin,
delightfully in the dreams of passion;

as you hold me tight,
just you and me,
in the lover’s embrace,
I need you, I long for your body and soul.

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Anjali September 26, 2019 - 9:55 pm

Love this poem! Every single line I read makes me feel the emotion behind them.


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