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Where is my love


Where is my love poem

somewhere between sleep and awake,
i am walking like a zombie,
with my heart pounding like never before,
what do i do, where should i go?

lost in a maze,
there is something going on,
as i can’t recall a single word,
and it’s all living in my head;

this is a place i have not been,
still and chaotic,
so far yet so near,
i am at the crossroads of heaven and hell;

without you, i am getting lost
without you, i am losing my mind
it’s raining love all around me
but i am dry as a desert sand;

feelings of love aching in my soul
the world seems so lonely now
when all i need is
your body next to mine;

within each others arms amidst love and passion
My arms wrap around you
holding you so close and tight
not worrying about where is my love;

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