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Moonlight Passion


Moonlight Passion

standing here, breathing softly,
staring into each other’s eyes,
dancing in the moonlight
just the two of us;

sounds of silence singing in chorus,
as the wind chimes in the night,
caressing our naked bodies,
bathed by the moonlight;

our lips meet and our tongues dance,
like never before, as i hold you tighter,
locked together in this true love’s embrace,
as time stands still;

as we dance slowly, under the moonlight’s guide,
with the stars twinkling,
i melt away in your arms,
in a moment filled with love, lust and affection;

as i wrap you with whispers of love,
two bodies entwined together as one being,
as one we live this love, this imagination, this dream
for eternity;

Image credit: TheSurvivorOfHathsin

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