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Wanderer - Life Poem by Praveen Kumar

the darkness kept creeping in,
i was powerless to do anything,
my mind was in a million other things,
confused and clueless about it all;

i am climbing walls (of obstruction),
i am climbing over mountains (of hurdles),
yet the more i climb and cross over,
the more that seems to be in the way, everyday;

so tired of life,
i don’t even know if i am living the life,
or if i am just wandering one day at a time,
until none of this counts;

as i hold on what i believe,
a part of me want to surrender to the darkness,
that is casting a spell that i am struggling hard to break;

as the sun rises slowly,
i have come to a place where dreams turn into nightmares,
and nightmares turn into dreams,
for today i am still wandering through the streets of life;


Image credit: Wanderer by TamikaProud

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