Whisper of Love

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“There is a part of us as must walks free,
A part which you have named,
To be yet unnamed,
A part which carries a whisper,
As a breath does life,
A Whisper Of Love
Too free to be tamed.

It lies within us, as a shadow unseen,
It flows before us, as a newborn stream,
We stand in its wake, and follow its course,
Wherever it leads, we, are its source.
With force untold, it continues to flow,
And in time, blankets the earth,
An ocean knows no foe.

Aye, this spirit, which you have named,
No prison it knows, save love’s disdain.
Foul play and folly, accelerate its course,
Towards sins, called yesterday,
Which was its source.

But, if we are to love, and experience love’s return,
We must walk in aloneness, the spirited path,
Totally free, from our companions concern,
For to be alone, is to be totally free,
And only those, who cherish their freedom,
Fulfill, Life’s Destiny”…

As you now, Mother, have done.

Poetic Tribute: To My Mother

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