Stars in the Dark

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Alone i sit,
reminiscing about the past,
stuck in the present and
wondering what the future has in store for me!Stars in the Dark

i have been on this road before, many times,
all alone and none to care for,
but now things are different, things have changed;

walking the line between sanity and insanity,
carefully balancing this little existence of life,
fear, pain, happiness, frustration, anger, dreams, love and worry,
all hidden beneath these sleepless eyes;

scrambling through this barbed wire (of life),
searching for a light in the darkness,
screaming and fighting, weighed down
by life’s many complications and expectations;

as the night approaches, the storm has passed, for now,
i try to sleep, i try to rest, as i lay quietly,
while my dreams nurse me back to health,
to fight another day;

so into the long night’s dream, I trudge along,
with no one else in sight,
looking for stars in the dark,
as i hold on to fight another day;

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