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Love is a powerful force in this world. It’s the one thing that everyone can relate to, and it’s the one feeling that can make you feel alive. Love is what makes us human, and it’s what makes life worth living.

In this Fantasy poem, I try to capture the feeling of love to show the feelings of love and affection.


Image via LenamoArt – Deviantart

You come into my dreams
and take hold of my night
floating beyond the stars
I lose touch with reality

Traveling through time and space
there is no one else around
only two people sharing
the beat of one heart

Your touch is what I long for
so soft and sensual upon my skin
awakening all my desires
as I belong only to you

The air is alive with magic
as you kiss my lips
with a tenderness and passion
that leaves me breathless

Far beyond my imagination
I hear a voice calling my name
the lines between fantasy and reality
have now been blurred

Fearing I have lost you,
you take my hand and whisper
When you close your eyes tonight,
I’ll be right here”.


Image via LenamoArt

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