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Castle of Dreams


I walk alone in a land filled with hatred
demons walking past
dragons flying above
i am lost in the crowd
people fighting, people dying
it seems love has no place here
love is a banned word
days turn months
months turn years
still no hope
no love
one day the shining star
rises above all
seemingly in place to receive the one
the one who fills my heart
filtering through the dark, hazy skies
it lights up the white castle
perched above the high mountains
surrounded by the blue waters below
fiery beasts above
locked in eternity
it waits for the one
patiently, silently
for the one to capture it
for the one to set free the birds inside
perched above, telescope in hand
scanning the horizon
searching the land for the one
the special one
i wait in my
castle of dreams (love)

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eriemorganmaples August 2, 2012 - 2:02 pm

this one is a good one


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