Whispers of the night

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Whispers of the Night

walking down the street
with an empty feeling
thoughts of you flood my mind
just as the heavens above opened up;

lost and looking for answers
dreams and hopes that was once
within reach, now seems
a million miles away;

sitting next to the rain splattered window,
watching the shadow of darkness slowly fade away,
the words to express my pain linger in the back of my mind
kept locked up within me, unable to escape the imaginary fence that i built around;

i cornered the fears that restrained my emotions,
bridging the distance between you and me,
i took a giant leap into the dream
that i wanted to become a reality;

gathering strength, i said the three words,
that had been waiting to explode from within me,
everything that i tried to hide from you for so long
finally tumbled out of the closet and into the open;

as the distant roar of the thunder
wakes me up from the passionate slumber,
i crawl closer trying to be next to you,
to hold you close,
and to hold you tight;

as the lovely night slowly
gives way to a beautiful morning,
still entwined in each other’s arms,
softly whispering to the special one,
who made a dream into a reality
i just want the world to know that

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