A rose in the rain!

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the clock stuck 12:00 midnight
unable to sleep
i ventured out into the
darkness of the night

desperately seeking an answer
i just close my eyes
and try to weather the storm
brewing inside me!

the winds of change
that sweeps the land everyday
is powerless to dissipate
the storm that rages when i wake up!

with darkness all around me,
i patiently walk around
trying to find a crevasse
and enter into life again
(and reclaim my life again)

countless days spent searching and
many a sleepless nights wandering around
the darkness gets darker and darker
and the storm rages more and more furiously

thinking about this all and
trying to find an alternate route
i stepped away from my usual path
into the road that i long left behind

with a slight rain now falling,
as I turned back
into the desolate road
i froze at the sight that i saw

on a path that only
dead men walk around
struggling to bloom in the darkness
i saw a rose in the rain!


image courtesy – google
multiple meanings exist.

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