Purple Rain

I know that if I saw purple rain
I’d recognize I’d gone insane.
But I simply don’t know how to explain
that I’m in love to my brain.

I think about you day and night.
All day long you’re in my sight.
The fire in my heart you have ignited.
My mind and soul are delighted.

I can’t concentrate on my day to day routine.
I only think of you between
the times we will see each other.
I could never want another.

You’ve captured my heart and stolen my soul.
I believe that I’ve lost control.
It’s a feeling I never want to go away.
I want to be with you every day.

So I guess I have seen purple rain.
Because this feeling I have is new and strange.
It must be a miracle that we’ve found this love.
So we can’t do anything but thank God above
for purple rain (our love).

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  • Read this poem a long time ago. First time reading it I didn’t understand the full meaning but as time went on and thru experiences it became more and more clear to me as I understood it

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