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A Desert Rose

desert rose

desert rose

as I sat down on the park bench
after a long and weary day
I couldn’t help noticing
the once bustling park is now almost deserted

once the jewel of the land
bustling with activity
the park was the epitome
of all things beautiful

fragrance of the flowers filled the air
home to various birds and the bees
the young and the old
a garden of heaven in the middle of chaos

fame and beauty
cast a spell of doom
once the most beautiful place on land
turned into just another plot of land

Disillusioned by life outside
the garden was my life
helping me to forget the past
safely nestled inside its beauty
I slowly clawed my way back into life

now with the stench becoming unbearable
and the park almost lifeless
deserted by the birds and bees
I slowly leave my place
from what was once my home away home

walking in the meandering by-lanes of life
far far away from the park
I set about finding a new place
to continue my quest for life once again

my search took me nowhere
my search ended in despair everyday
until one day
with the sun almost left for the day
I stumbled on to a deserted land

I stumbled on to a deserted land
in the middle of nowhere
a tiny shoot was peeking its way out
in harsh conditions
with the day almost over
and the sun almost below the horizon
a ray of hope shone down
from the sky above

a meaningless life, I had been living
a zombie like existence
with no purpose
with no aim

now when the day is almost over
I now found a purpose for my existence
I now set about building my secret garden
my very own secret garden
around this desert rose
filled with all things beautiful
with the fragrance of happiness filling the air once again!

note: multiple meanings for some lines do exist.

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Raji Krishnan July 17, 2008 - 8:14 pm

very well written!! left to the readers to assume… good one!!

erie morgan July 25, 2012 - 2:23 pm

i love this poem it’s really sad and that’s why i love it soooo much


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