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Storm of Passion


Storm of Passion

It was a rainy night, cold and wet,
when you come in after a day of teasing and flirting,
your skin looks so sexy,
that it turns me on;

my heart throbs at every kiss,
every touch down my body,
your hands sliding down,
you are going to be mine;

nothing feels better than this,
our eyes locked in contact,
our lips remain sealed
as our hearts flutter inside our chests;

as the dim light of the street lamp filters in
on to our naked bodies,
the passion growing second by second,
the heat inside the room becoming unbearable;

as my lips trace your neckline
to your erect nipples,
licking and sucking the aroused nipples one by one,
your hands push my face down to your navel;

as soft moans escape your lips,
i slide my erection inside your wet pussy, gently,
until we are 2 bodies joined into one,
hungrily i ride, as the sound of our bodies meeting, echo through the room;

as the frenzied lovemaking escalated,
matching each other’s thrusts,
together we climax,
tangled together in pure love,
as the storm of passion subsides;

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1 comment

Jessica Candelaria November 8, 2018 - 11:08 am

Yes. I dug this. I knew where u were going with it, nicely done.


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