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A Beggar in Paradise


a peaceful place
filled with all souls pure
and blessed

where happiness knew no limits
happiness etched in everyone’s face

darkness has no place here
sorrow is unknown
fear driven away to extinction
soothing the mind with all that is needed to live happily

walking slowly
in the corridors of heaven
i take a look at whats left of my life

things that i once wanted are out of my reach
things that i once had are nowhere in sight
my rucksack is empty

filled with all that i once thought are mine
strung around my shoulders tightly
my rucksack is
now just a lifeless piece of cloth

i stop and stare
wondering why i am here and not in “hell”

driven by the desire to succeed
rising each and every time from failures (like a phoenix)
with a will to live
looking to fill the rucksack as quickly as possible
with all things that is dear
with all things that was once mine
looking to regain my lost possessions
i walk slowly in the corridors of heaven
(like a beggar in paradise)

Inspired by
Stop and Stare by One Republic
Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio
Another day in Paradise by Phil Collins

beggar in paradise also means a situation when you have everything yet feel completely helpless/lost. A state of total confusion similar to a “beggar” seeing food after going hungry for days.
At the same time it (can) also reflect the mindset of someone who wants to be in peace but is troubled mentally by situation(s)
Also refers to a situation where someone has everything yet feels totally lost as if something precious has been lost.

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