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Paradiseif only we could float away,
up, up and away to a new place
and start all over again
leaving all this chaos and confusion behind;

every night i close my eyes and
try to forget the life as it is
meaningless, void, confused and
stuck in a race that no one wins;

me versus the world,
fighting for what is not worth fighting for,
through chaos, underneath a stormy cloud,
for happiness etched only in paper;

so little time, so much to do,
walking on a tightrope (with the devil waiting to grab you) that sways with each step,
its a battle of survival, a battle of wits
and a battle to find happiness;

so every night i close my eyes,
try to forget the life i am living
and drift off to a paradise,
a Paradise of dreams!

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12 comments On Paradise

  • A very nice poem, nicely worded 🙂

  • I honestly love your poem and would like to know if I could please use it in my book and will put your full name and surname under so it could be seen by all. Please let me know if you will be happy with me using it.

    Thank you

  • I am only 14 and have just started high school, but this poem is one to live by. Thank you for this. I needed it.

  • Hi Praveen
    you are amazing… I enjoyed reading your poems… some things tells me you are missing something or are not happy… does not matter who you are and where you live always live your life with honesty and respect… if you give you will receive… remember in this world there is always someone greater or lesser then your self. do not wait for happiness to come along it is within you…

  • I like your poems… it seems that you’ve written them by heart and feel each lines of it. May be something which is disturbing you in your life has made you write these, but remember you are the only one who can make yourself happy, don’t EXPECT anything in life, just go on doing your does… 🙂

  • Very Nice poem, Your A great Poet !!

  • really a very beautiful poem, u r a great poet indeed.

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