A stranger in paradise

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sitting in the coffee shop
on a cold and rainy afternoon
clutching a cup of hot cappuccino
i watch the world go by

sporting a couple of tattoos
with a stern face
i stare at all –
young and the old
that walk past

used to laugh at
used to make fun of
people peering from the inside of a cafe
lazily killing time
seemingly doing nothing

my ego that once clouded me
just ran away in the face of adversity
my pride rooted out
and now replaced by humility

now watching the world go by
from inside the same cafe
all the hurt inside
hidden so well
i seem strong enough on the surface
i seem like a hardened warrior

fear written all over my eyes
i was scared
but no one would listen
cause no one cared

now, sitting in an obscure coffee shop
abandoned in my fame
struggling within
i sit here

i sit here wondering
what the hell is wrong (with me!)
loved by all one day
loathed by everyone, the next

with no place to call home
i wander lonely as a cloud
going nowhere
being everywhere

when my time comes
forget the wrong i may have done
forget the tears i made you shed
just remember me
as the stranger in paradise
fighting hell within


note: initially inspired by an article i read over yday + real life in general 🙂
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