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To Reflect


On those stones I walked alone,
bearing only the name that I’d been given.
I walked until I reached the shore,
of the life that I’ve been living.

Staring into breaking waves
memories of broken days
and all the times that went away.
Reflecting on my life.

On that bridge I walked alone,
staring down at rocks below.
I dreamed at last I was back home,
in the company of those I’ve known.

Hanging on a steel beam
separating life from dream
listening to the running stream.
Reflecting on my life.

On those stones I lay alone,
motionless and without breath.
And now at last I’ve found my home,
Reflecting on my death.

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1 comment

eriemorganmaples October 27, 2012 - 2:17 pm

this poem is probably your best that you’ve ever done on this site, i love your work on here i think you are so amazing a poet


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