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Fishing for a Dream – Part 3 – Lost


this is part 3 of the Fishing for a dream poem
from the moment i saw you
all the dreams i had in my heart
suddenly disappeared
instead of a million “materialistic” dreams
my thoughts were filled with only one dream

a dream that only had you
a dream that was filled with clouds of rainbow
yet in each cloud
i saw only you

i wish i had some magical powers
i wish i could just come near you
and tell you what i feel
its a pity i am just a human
a mere mortal
filled with hope and confidence
yet fear written all over

a simple proposal
and an eqully simple yes or no
i wish it was this easy

i was once walking
head held high
with the wind blowing down my face
i had no one to fear
i had no one to worry about

now i am a lost zombie
head held high
looking forward all the time
yet lost in this clouds of rainbow
that seem to taken over my senses

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