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Fishing for a dream – part 2


note: this is the second of the two-part series that was started here
read below for more notes 😉
i sat down
to fish for a dream
a dream that i once had
a dream that will complete it all
my life was on a fast changing lane
turn left one minute
and i am pushed to turn right the next
tossed around like a boat stuck in a storm
i was trying to make my out of it
and move on to the calm seas
i have been here before
yet this was taking a heavy toll (on me)
right when i decided to take the plunge
and jump overboard to escape from it once and for all
i saw you
the face in the water
motionless and transfixed
i sat down right there
like a madman
i made my way back to the helm
desperate to break free from this storm
days and nights passed
without a break
and after much struggle
i was out
into the open waters
surfing once again
in the calm seas
whizzing through the blue skies
i was back in pursuit of the dream
my life is changing everyday
In every possible way
And though my dreams
it’s never quite as it seems
cause you’re a dream to me
When i started writing this one (and the previous one), i had only 2 parts to it. But, i believe, i have left it open at the end. So, there might be another one or more to this.
It all depends on whether my dream is fulfilled or not. At this moment, its anyone’s guess 🙂
the last 5 lines are from the song “Dreams” by “The Cranberries”

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