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i ran into this early morning sunshine
like a kid
completely unaware of the time
the place i was in
for a moment
i was transported back to a time of unbound happiness
hidden behind the dark clouds
i was one with a purpose
a purpose defined by time
a purpose defined by none
i was a jumper
going places
as and when i pleased
darkness, is devoid of colours
darkness is a dull gray place
with nothing else
apart from you
i have been waiting
i have been watching
in the darkness, all my time
i have been searching
i have been living
i have been waiting for a better tomorrow
i have been waiting to make my escape
finally, at the dawn of a new day
i made my escape
like a kid running home after a long day at school
i ran into a new day
that was full of hope
with the wind behind me
i made my escape
until the rays of the sun
pierced through me
what was one
now became two
the shadow of darkness
that was once inside me
slowly made its way out
slowly, the shadow that i once “suppressed”
revealed its dark side once again

to be continued…

note: this has couple of meanings. this is not meant to be a pessimistic poem, though it does look like it. with an open mind, read it and you might be able to separate the pessimistic meaning away 🙂

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