Love or Lust?

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it was love at first sight,
the moment i met you,
sparks flew and brought us,
closer and together;Romantic Cuddling

barely a minute goes by,
without me thinking,
is this too good,
to be true;

i pinch myself from time to time,
just to make sure i am not dreaming,
and not hallucinating all this,
between you and me;

a touch here, a touch there,
a kiss here, a kiss there,
a gentle caress, a playful nibble,
hands all over everytime we are together;

few seconds of leaving you out of my sight,
a frantic search begins, scanning everything and everywhere,
and it stops only when i find you,
standing, smiling and playing with my heart;

your lips against mine,
as we indulge in our sins,
your body next to mine,
entwined in our flame of ecstasy;

in the moonlight glow,
as we drift into deep peace,
tell me baby,
is it Love or is it Lust?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
this can either be taken as a standalone poem or as a continuation of the previous two poems – Love at First Sight and Together.

image credit: unknown (randomly found during search)

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19 comments On Love or Lust?

  • Awesome poetry!!! Wow! too sexy and very real! 🙂

  • This is amazing!!!! can i use it to write a song and you would get full credit too!

  • Hi Megan, you can use this provided a full credit is given with the website url.

  • What a talented poet u are praveen.i read this poem 5 times ,that much nice your poetry .keep on posting.we are here to read.wish u the best!

  • Beautifully spoken. As I read this writing, I went back to my 2011 summer lover. Two lustful weekends together, following several months of romantic e-mails and followed up by several more.

    It’s all over now as she could not cope with a long distant relationship where time together was limited to telephone conversations, e-mails, texts and annual visits to be together.

    Though I still cherish her so, remaining in my heart and soul both day and night. I now accept our relationship as a close friendship and pray only that someday it may be more.

  • Beautiful poetry!!!! I love this poem too!!! But tell me can it be both love and lust?? Been living with my boyfriend for over a year and I dearly love him!!!

  • “Love or Lust” sounds like lust turned into love. Sometimes that’s the way it goes… but friendship, companionship and trust in my opinion is the best way to start a relationship. Edie T.

  • Thank you Sandy. It can be both love and lust, buts that only a small percentage, i think.

  • i like your poem praveen. i wish your can allow me to pick some words from it to write my our song(rap)

  • Absolutely beautiful poem! Would love to have that kind of lust and love…!

  • Thank you Sizwe. Please do as long as you can provide the credit.

  • u r a great poet u and me r alike because im a free verse poet and talk about lively things props to u

  • Nice description of lust and love..Nice one Praveen!

  • wow praveen.! The poem is excellently written and potrays the anbivalence of love. I think the poem is beautiful in its honesty. Kip writing. I have turned up to be ur new fan.

  • outstanding ………

  • My god who are you ? i am in love with this poem..

  • lovely owsome

  • AN OUTSTANDING POEM! i love your work.

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