Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sighti had my mind made up,
i was sure of what i wanted to say,
and i was very sure of how
it was to end;

this time it was different,
i came, i saw and i fell,
in one big moment,
hook, line and sinker;

I never believed in Love at first sight,
believing it to be an incarnation of those
cheesy, romantic hollywood chick flicks,
that bores you to death;

yet here i was,
fixated at every word that came out of her mouth,

no sparks, nothing,
just a feeling,
a wordless feeling (best described as),
happiness and joy;

a small tingle in my throat,
a pause before my words,
a victim of the love cupid,
my heart skipped a beat;

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10 comments On Love at First Sight

  • your a very interesting person…. i will email u 1day with a job oppurtunity. 🙂

  • hey i m just flattered wid ur poetries n wud like to talk to once personally hw can u write so realistically…..

  • do i know u? u have written very nice.actually i also had the same feeling once. thanks for giving words to my feelings

  • this poem really got to me because its waats im going through!!!!ILY so much for expressing my feelings into words!!!

  • love at first sight is an awesome feeling and something that happen very rare in life ,
    thanks for posting about this .

  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight but i want to believe now

  • u r a very romantic person… u know what i can give love letters to my girl by your excellent words.. thank u

  • love your poem

  • boy, i also did not believe in love at first sight. to say the least, i was a misogynist (hater of women), but i saw her and i dont know, something similar to your poem happened to me.. and i was lost. Had to visit her once / more to confirm my feelings…

    probably she would never know if at all she feels the same… but GOD I CAN SWEAR, it was the most beautiful feeling when i saw her and may be that i now understand what LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT IS…. THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT POEM…

  • I love a guy and we had to make handshakes in choir with a pratner and we got partnered up. It was so embarrassing he already has a girlfriend but I’m going to wright him a love note cuz tomorrows the last day of school

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