Home Life Fading away into obscurity!

Fading away into obscurity!



little by little, time slowly
wanes away with each passing day;
in this ocean of eternity
my time to live is only a small speck;

trying to make the best
of what little time i have
i strife to live life
amidst the droplets of pain

shed from a broken and a battered soul
devoid of all feelings
it leaves behind a longing

to fill an another lifetime (ocean)!

day by day, small emotions
slowly trickle from this soul
eating away at life
and eroding the desire to survive

with nothing more left to give
my body is now just a hollow soul (of flesh and blood)
that slowly crumbles into pieces;
and fades away like a teardrop!

with the sands of time
blowing from all directions
until one day, i am just swept away
into obscurity evoking no memories in any one!


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