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Echoes of Affection


This poem seeks to gently unfold the layers of growing affection, aiming to resonate with the warmth and depth of newfound love. It’s crafted with simplicity and emotional depth, intending to stir the heart and kindle the flames of love in a delicate, yet profound way.

Echoes of Affection

As twilight wraps its arms around the day,
And shadows stretch to chase the light away,
I find my thoughts, to you, they softly sway,
With words of love I long for you to say.

In every line, a piece of my heart,
A whispered hope that we’ll never part,
With each verse, I dream of a fresh start,
A life together, a beautiful art.

Your gaze, a beacon in my darkest night,
With every look, my soul takes flight,
A future bright, within your eyes alight,
Together, hand in hand, we’ll write.

These simple words, from deep within,
A testament to what might have been,
With you, I feel I can always win,
A love so pure, in a world of sin.

So hear my voice, in this quiet plea,
An echo of what could be,
In you, I’ve found my key,
With you, I’m finally free.

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