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Beyond Words


In the realm of emotions, where feelings run deep, the phrase “I love you” often feels too small to encompass the vastness of our affection. This poem seeks to explore the depths beyond those three words, attempting to articulate the boundless more that we yearn to express when we say “I love you.”

Beyond Words

Every day, in every way,
I love you more,” I wish to say.
Beyond the stars, past the shore,
In my heart, there’s so much more.

With every sunrise, my love grows,
Beyond words, beyond what shows.
In every beat, in every pore,
“I love you more,” forevermore.

In silent whispers, in loud roars,
In calm seas, and when it pours,
My heart speaks, in its core,
“I love you more,” it implores.

So hear my soul, in its encore,
With every breath, I love you more.

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