Star Gazing

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Romance under the starsit all started with a dream,
just a tiny little seed,
planted within the realm of the subconscious
where my (our) heart lies;

a desire to have a good life,
to love and be loved,
together with the one who
completes this circle of existence;

standing hand in hand
under the twilight sky
i can see it from your eyes
and i can’t dismiss this feeling;

beneath the darkened sky,
your lips against mine, stealing small kisses
passion flying from each cell,
locked in a embrace and trying to catch a breathe,
feeling only the pounding of a restless heart;

sitting next to you, your head
resting upon my chest, in the still of night
under star blanketed skies, star gazing,
as i gently draw you near;

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7 comments On Star Gazing

  • Oh Praveen! so nicely penned…from the bottom of my heart I hope and pray that your dream will be realised, whoever she is.

  • awsome lines…… really hear touching…

  • Beautiful words. Exactly described how I am feeling right now

  • OOOh gosh, My heart is pondering already at the thought of being drawn near him and resting my head on his chest, in the stillness of the night…by the seaside…with the sound of the waves aside…yummy, I should bring my bars of chocolate, besides…

  • I love this!!! This represents my relationship really well. Would you mind if i used it for lyrics? And you would get full credit for this wonderful and inspiratonal poem.

  • Hi Megan, you can use this provided a full credit is given with the website url.

  • ilove it so,so,so,so,so,so,so much

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