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Fishing for a dream





i got lost in a world
that was moving at bottleneck speeds
(free) time is unheard of
love was measured in green (currencies)
emotions were all just a scribble on the seashore
one after another – no reason, no rhyme

staring out from my island
i feel helpless and so out of tune
no one helps you when you fall
this whole world fishing
from the same hole
fishing rods big and small
everyone was trying to “catch” the same fish
everyone was thinking only about the same “moby dick”

while the whole world is searching for moby dick
i go away to
find some place new
Somewhere we can be ourselves
Some of the time

with the moonlight behind me
in the middle of all commotion
far away from land
even further away from this “contest”
i sit on a small island
devoid of all things insane
i throw the bait
and start fishing for a dream

note: this is the first of a two-part series.

according to dictionary.com, dreams is defined as
# A wild fancy or hope.
# A condition or achievement that is longed for;

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