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Into the Dream of Happiness

by Praveen Kumar


into the dream of happiness - Into the Dream of Happiness

upon cold (or warm) night i lay to sleep
closing my weary eyes,
into the dream my wandering soul escapes
far away from the madness of life;

drifting into a place of solitude,
my mind can only think of things that could have been
and things that may have been;

it seems dark forces are at every step and corner,
for every two steps i move forward,
i feel an overwhelming obstacle,
trying to keep me away from the light (of happiness/success);

i am treading on a fine line,
lined with barb wires on my path,
every step i take, every move i make,
the dark clouds gather on the horizon;

struggling hard to make dream into a joyful reality,
i trudge along a lonely road to get past the dark clouds,
trying to catch the light that dazzles behind the veil of darkness,
into the dream i go every night, hoping for a better tomorrow;


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