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I am the only one left on this piece of earth.
SolitudeA lonely figure in the centre of the colourless land

I am but a single cloud left to pour
Devastation, sadness, over the lands
Leaving no traces of hope, light and happiness

Everyone was once standing here on this very land not so long ago
Now they are all blown away with the demonic winds
I see their poor empty spirits still glide amongst the grey skies

Silence is here, there where ever I go.
Not a sound, or a breath from no living creature.
It’s just me rooted on one spot gazing at what was the
Most beautiful land which now is the most hideous

Memories have been erased as time has bought change,
Change that has caused the doom of our lands.
I am just the one little grain of rice left to leave
the bowl, the rest have been devoured in the belly of
a destructive monster.

I am now shallow, stuck on this hollowness land
Reaching my hand to the razor stoned grounds which
Was once clean, soft grass with blossoming flowers
I despair and with in the last hour  I lye with no company and no comfort,
I give my last glimpse of the dark land and shut my eyes
Never to be opened again and never feel isolated again.

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