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Between Light and Darkness


Between Light and Darkness

standing at the edge,
with the chaos of darkness behind me
and the warmth of the light infront me,
i am struggling to find my way;

i have fought my way so far,
i have been a warrior all my life,
now as i stand at the edge of this mountain of life,
i am scared of getting stuck here;

i see hope, i see despair,
i keep on searching while rooted to the spot i am in,
i took this route thinking it will take me home,
but i am nowhere near home;

I have seen happiness,
i have had my share of sadness,
now as i step into a new face of life,
i feel like i am being pulled back by invisible hands;

I am not alone and i am not perfect,
i am torn between the storms that rage within me,
i am tired of faking a smile,
i can’t wait for the sun to rise;

i have come a long way to go back,
When thunder clouds start pouring down,
i hold on, hoping it will wash away the locks that bind my legs together,
as i am stuck in an infinite struggle between light and darkness;

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Praddyumn Kulshreshtha May 23, 2018 - 12:16 pm

It is your nice poem. Struggle reflects in your poem. Tune is also there in your poem. I also love writing poems. I also have a blog, name is Aria Vibes.
From-Praddyumn Kulshreshtha


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